While making films I have always felt the need to have more control over sounds and especially music used as background score. Working with tight budgets documentary filmmakers seldom have the luxury of producing their own music. For me this has been a most exciting journey of discoveries. Being new in the game i tread slowly, learning from masters, traditional singers and folk artists alike.

I have also spent a lot of time recording music both vocals and instrumentals from various locations. Musically, we live in a fertile land. The more one explores, the more one realises how less one knows. There is literally gold strewn acorss the land - come and partake of it.

It has been a long standing dream to roam this rich land of ours and record its myriad traditions like a musical explorer as Dylan had put it. Thanks to Kanu and Chandralekha Bharti, I met Vardaji in Udaipur. He graciously sang this beautiful song for us, a pastoral song about tending to the cows and taking them out for grazing.

Copper Plate was made for background music of our film Remains of the Dream. It's an explorative piece to accentuate the historical significance of ancient manuscripts and copper plates inscriptions. I love the delicate balance between overdoing and underdoing that a music score needs to maintain. Hadn't thought of background music like this earlier.

Mononoke, the princess living in that ancient enchanted land created by film maker Hayao Miyazaki, it's equally enchanted music by Joe Hisaishi has inspired millions across the world. The first thing to do for a budding musician to bud further is to copy the masters. This is my first feeble attempt at learning and paying deep tribute.