The Making of a Tamasha

Sanyan Bhaye Kotwal

Director Anirudha Khutwad takes us through the rigours of Tamasha performers and performances while in the act of creating his own.

Tamasha, as the form stands today, is a secular, variety entertainment package, mostly catering to the village people of Maharashtra. Its antecedents have been traced back to the practices of 'khadi gammat' (literally meaning 'entertainment given by standing performers') by the Mang and Mahar community. It draws from several folk and popular traditions like Jagaran-Gondhal, the Powadas of Shahirs, Dashavtara, the Gavalana of the Marathi saints poets and other elements from Kathak, and has borrowed stage techniques from the Parsi theatre.

The film was recently screened at IGNCA


Location Sound: Jayprakash Gupta; Editing And Camera: Sanjay Maharishi




Baramati, Pune, Delhi

Year of Production: 



National School of Drama