I make films, design and code websites, grow vegetables on roof-tops while being a bicycle enthusiast, and not necessarily in that order.

My film making career has largely been a journey of personal exploration. Ancient secrets of water engineering captivate me as much as the deft fingers of craftspeople and artisans. I like to get to the nuts and bolts of things and questions like how things work, for whom and why, fascinate me no end. Cooks, blacksmiths, potters – I find moving hands mesmerising.

Our film on Habib Tanvir, the grand old man of Indian theatre has been widely screened in India and outside. I have collaborated with the National School of Drama to produce two series of films on the working methods of theatre directors called Contemporary Directors Series and another series on Urban Popular Theatre, looking at the phenomenon of Surabhi Theatre, Hyderabad, the Mobile Theatre, Assam and the Nautanki in Uttar Pradesh.

I am passionate about making films, to tell a story with a clear sense of purpose, to stay close to the truth and to keep evolving the story telling language.

Beside making films, I have made accessory equipment for digital videos, shown films made by contemporary filmmakers to audiences in rural and urban Rajasthan, collaborated with the United Nations' Volunteers to initiate a unique concept called Travelling Documentary – a mobile film screening programme in 2002.

I photograph and edit films, code sites and blogs, teach video film-making and plant vegetable gardens on any roof I can lay my hands on.

I love cycling very long distances. My bicycle has twenty-four gears and can do to a top speed of 46kmph which it has only once. When I saw that number on the speedometer I thanked my stars I had a sturdy helmet.

I am largely self-taught, from making films or coding sites to cooking and riding. I have flirted with a lot of code, the latest being php and mySQL, javascript, jquery and ajax. The only thing that takes me away from all strings and arrays is the bicycle.

I live in Delhi and I plan to use this site as a playground.