• Blood Wedding

    Lorca's famous play translated into Hindi/Panjabi and directed by Neelam Mansingh Chowdhry.

  • The Making of a Tamasha

    Director Anirudha Khutwad takes us through the rigours of Tamasha performers and performances while in the act of creating his own.

  • Grotowsky Workshop

    Teatr ZAR is a multinational group formed in Wrocław, Poland by apprentices of the Grotowski Institute.

  • Of Water and Words

    The film is on traditional water harvesting system and their contemporary role in meeting the demand for water in Rajasthan.

Cochin Jewish life through memoirs, interviews and tales - stories of presence and absence of a community.

A train journey undertaken in the year 1990, a young man's fascination with Indian Railways and its millions of users. 


It has been a long standing dream to roam this rich land of ours and record its myriad traditions like a musical explorer as Dylan had put it.